Situated in Victoria, we put forward rich, palatable and healthy Middle eastern delicacies!

Our specialized cooks love serving rich, creamy and less processed food with a pinch of fresh veggies, spices and seeds all clubbed together to bring you much loved middle eastern flavour with aromatic taste!

About Caravana Cafe
About Caravana

Our promoters, chefs and staff are food lovers, and we love serving good food and doing hospitality! Our professionals are customer-friendly and have over a decade of experience preparing middle eastern food, including a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy products and rice.

At Caravana, we believe in never forgetting our roots and spreading the good vibes by sharing our secret recipes with the world!

The secret sauce of our success lies in the fact that we serve you well and never let you forget the delectable taste of everything served on our menu! We offer authentic Palestinian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Arabian food and put you in a state of satiety and sufficiency. Now, you’ll never want to miss a chance to go out with your friends, family and relatives! All our staff is fully vaccinated, and we make sure that we follow all the covid protocols.

Good relations and friends are better with great food!


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About Caravana Cafe

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Professional Staff

Our staff is polite and hospitable, and most of our chefs are skilled with over a decade of experience cooking middle eastern food. They are masters at cooking original dishes and inventing new dishes.



Caravana Cafe has successfully established its name and brand in the Victorian food market as we consistently deliver high-quality middle eastern foods. The spices, seeds, herbs and ingredients used in our dishes are 100% original.


Catering Service

Good food is incomplete without great catering services. We have a team of members who have excelled in the art of catering, know their way around the table very well, and they define fine dining!

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